: Best Things to Do in Los Angeles: 1001 Ideas

картинка  Best Things to Do in Los Angeles: 1001 Ideas
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Год выхода : 2013
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Код : 978-0-7893-2257-9
Выпуск : Universe
Особенности : Los Angeles is a local’s city—more than any other major cultural metropolis, it is a city for those in the know. A guide like no other, this is the first book to go beyond locations and events to tap into the variety of things only a local could know.
The Best Things to Do in Los Angeles explores every aspect of Los Angeles life. Find the best spots to view the Hollywood sign or the quietest spots on Santa Monica beach. Track down the best eateries in every ethnic enclave, and engage in L.A.’s legendary food wars, from hot dogs to French dips. Follow the most beautiful routes up and down the Pacific coast, take your own unique architectural tour of the Hollywood hills, or find out where the city’s best bookstores are and read up on it all instead.
Organized by theme-from destinations to views and sights, food and drink, and of course the Hollywood trail of superstar haunts and scene locations—and with contributions from celebrated knowledgeable Angelenos and helpful indexes that tell you where and how to find whatever you are looking for in the city, this is simply the most fun and comprehensive guidebook there is to the City of Angels.

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