: The Natural Baker

картинка  The Natural Baker
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Выпуск : Jacqui Small
Особенности : A beautifully-designed book that will appeal to enthusiastic bakers of all ages, this is the follow-up book to Clean Cakes, from trained patisserie chef Henrietta Inman. Bringing the author's stunning eye for detail and patisserie expertise to bear, this gorgeous cookbook will offer approximately 80 baking recipes - sweet and savoury - using natural, wholesome and wholegrain ingredients. While some of her recipes will be gluten-free, refined sugar-free and/or dairy-free, this book offers a naturally healthier option to most baking books and focuses on the natural goodness of her ingredients. This cookbook will comprise approachable, delicious and natural recipes, which deliver on flavour but are also easy to follow. Furthermore, they are recipes that will nourish us as they are packed full of healthy, natural ingredients. Fresh produce, seasonal heritage fruit and vegetables will be given the chance to sing rather than being masked by too much sugar. The end results will taste amazing and do you good too!
: 276
Код : 978-1-911127-30-7
Направление : -
Объем : 176
Оболочка : твердый переплет
Год выхода : 2018

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