: My Giant Doll's House

картинка  My Giant Doll's House
Цена - 715.00 руб.
Доставка - по Москве от 0 до 170р , самовывоз бесплатно, почтой по Росии 320 р
В продаже - присутствует.
Выпуск : Hinkler Books
Объем : 48
Направление : -
: 820
Оболочка : мягкая обложка
Особенности : Kids will love helping Chloe and her friend Alyssa set-up Chloe's dream house! Follow the story of Chloe's adventure of moving into her new home and bring it to 3D life as you assemble this stunning house and furniture. and play with the pop-out dolls This amazing book becomes an instant toy! It includes *An easily assembled fold-out, pop-out house, that extends beyond the book size, with no scissors or glue required! *2 stand-up , dress-up dolls to play with throughout the house *Press-out furniture that does not require glue or scissors, but just needs to be folded and it's ready to go! With sleek contemporary designs and bright, engaging colours -kids will have countless hours of fun creating, decorating and then playing within this chic doll's house!
Год выхода : 2016

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